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Our Story

About Cafe Cusco

     -A Gringo Joe

Buen Provecho!

     I fell in love with Peru after hiking the Inca Trails to Machu Picchu with my best amigo Rodrigo. In a cafe in Cusco he asked, "What will you do in 10 years?" Without hesitation I said, "I am going to open a restaurant and call it Cafe Cusco!" As years went by I made that dream realized and opened Cafe Cusco with my mother, Claire.


    Our beautiful building was built in 1883 by two brothers under the name Bartlet & Bartlet, a doctor and a pharmacist. During that period C-Street was the headquarters for the Frisco Railroad.  By the turn of the century the building was abandoned and in disarray however in 2010, artist Erik Kinkade oversaw the historical restoration. Three years later Cafe Cusco opened in July, providing exciting healthy dining options with a Peruvian inspired flair.

Image by Dragisa Braunovic
“Fantastic place with diverse dishes and wonderful staff!”
“When I come to visit my sister I always beg her to take me there. Really loved the fish tacos.”
“The best place to eat in Springfield! Every dish is delicious and the atmosphere is amazing. Get the chocolate cake and you'll be hooked.”

234 E commercial st,
Springfield, mo

Tue to Sat: 11am - 9pm
Sun: 11am - 8pm


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